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Duffy Bills Blocked in Senate

A number of legislative measures sponsored by State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) intended to make government more efficient, transparent, and effective have been blocked or left to die in Senate committees. According to Duffy the fate of his legislation is no accident.

“Not only are my bills not being brought to the Senate floor for a vote, they’re not even being brought up for debate in committee,” said Duffy. “This isn’t how the democratic process is supposed to work. If my bills die on the Senate floor I can accept that, but at this point they aren’t even getting a fair hearing in committee!”

Five bills sponsored by Senator Duffy in the Senate have been assigned to subcommittees, postponed, or reassigned to the Senate Assignments Committee having never been heard in committee.

Gov. Quinn to Deliver Budget Address…Finally

With Illinois in what can best be qualified as an economic tailspin lawmakers, including State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) are anxiously awaiting Governor Quinn’s March 26 budget address and the 5-year plan for economic recovery he has promised to deliver.

“By playing political games with his constitutional responsibilities not only has Governor Quinn drastically shortened the amount of time legislators will have to craft and debate a state budget, but he has reduced much needed transparency in that process” said Duffy. “It’s about time we got down to business and figured out how we’re going to stop wasteful spending and make responsible choices with taxpayer money.”

The address had originally been scheduled for February before the Governor asked his allies in the General Assembly to assist him in moving the constitutionally-required address until after the March 18 primary election.

Illinois’ ‘Scarlet Letter’ Costing Taxpayers

“I’ve said it for years, you can’t tax and spend on the backs of Illinois’ taxpayers, and we can’t continue to borrow money without worrying about the consequences,” said State Senator Dan Duffy. “Now according to a report from the University of Illinois even our debt comes with an infamous ‘scarlet letter,’ and it is costing our taxpayers dearly.”

Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation, and a recent study from the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs has revealed that over a five-year period this “scarlet letter” reputation cost taxpayers at least $80 million in additional interest. Since Gov. Pat Quinn took office the state’s credit rating has taken a beating, with a staggering 13 downgrades during Quinn’s time in office. That is 10 downgrades more than while Blagojevich was in office, and more than all past governors combined.

Duffy Legislation Bans Ticket Quotas

A bill co-sponsored by State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) that prohibits counties, municipalities, and state police from implementing ticket quotas has passed a Senate committee.  

“Making sure that law enforcement officers don’t have to worry about meeting ticket quotas allows them to focus more on doing their job and protecting Illinois’ communities,” said Duffy. “Additionally, banning quotas deters police departments from discriminating against officers who write fewer tickets and saves us from having to pay out large settlements of taxpayer money to officers who feel they have been discriminated against on that basis.”

Duffy Opposes Legislation Expanding Speed Cameras

A bill recently introduced in the Illinois House that would allow the use of speed cameras outside of Chicago is drawing criticism from many, including State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington)

“Throughout my career I have spoken against the use of both red light cameras and speed cameras,” said Duffy.  “Study after study has proven this technology to be ineffective and unreliable.  Allowing these cameras, which are a blatant revenue grab, to be used throughout the state is a bad idea. I will continue to fight against this type of legislation and will be a no vote if this legislation comes to the Senate.”

Currently Illinois law only allows speed cameras to be used in cities with more than 1 million residents, criteria only the City of Chicago meets. The new legislation, House Bill 4632, removes this language that applies the speed-camera law only to cities of more than 1 million residents, paving the way for their expanded use throughout the state.
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