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Dear Friends,

Welcome to my legislative website! I hope that you will check back often for updates on the most important issues facing our state.

Illinois faces many difficult fiscal and ethical issues.  Above all, we must work to get our fiscal house in order.  Until we are on a solid financial footing, Illinois can not possibly hope to be able to provide necessary services to all of its citizens.  This is why we need to make reasonable spending reductions, cut out waste and pave the way toward fiscal stability.

There are far too many boards and commissions in this state, doing far too little work to justify their enormous cost to taxpayers. There are literally hundreds of useless boards that are diverting state funds that could be used for more important things like paying down our debt and addressing our ever-growing backlog of bills. It’s high time we take a good hard look at what all these boards are actually doing and start eliminating some of these expenses.

As a small-business owner, I understand that the business climate in Illinois is hard on employers.  We must work to create a healthy, thriving business climate.  In doing so we can jump-start Illinois’ economy, create new jobs, and put people back to work.

As State Senator for the 26th District, I will continue to push for responsible reforms to a state government clearly in need of new direction.


Dan Duffy