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Thank you for filling out my survey! It is my responsibility to keep you informed and I would like to know how you feel about the issues we face in Springfield that affect us all as Illinois citizens. You can also send additional comments to me at dan@senatorduffy.com or call my district office at 847-277-7100.

I prefer to respond anonymously:
What is your opinion regarding Illinois' fiscal crises?
Do you think increased taxes on small businesses hurt consumers and the state's economy?
There is an ongoing debate as to which taxation plan is the best. Which would you support: a flat rate, where everyone pays the same percentage, or a graduated rate, where higher-income persons and small-business owners pay a higher percentage?
Which one of these issues is the greatest concern to you and your family?
The Democrat leadership passed a budget that relies on making the "temporary" 67 percent tax hike passed in 2011 permanent. It is expected that this issue will resurface during the fall "lame-duck" session. Do you support a "lame-duck" tax increase?
What is the most pressing public education issue?
Currently in Illinois, public employees have the ability to receive multiple state pensions, a practice known as "double dipping." Do you feel there should be a limit of one state pension per person?
Do you believe Red Light Cameras are all about safety or that they are purely creative revenue generating devices for cities and municipalities?
Do you think that posting state spending on an easy-to-use Web site would increase government transparency and accountability